How to use with Google Play Music?

  1. Settings ❯ General
  2. Tap Operating mode (Audio source) item and choose Google Play Music (and some Stock player app).
  3. Tap External player app and choose Google Play Music from the list.
  4. Android 4.3 or later only Tap System notification access and permit notification access to Music Visualizer.

How to use with Poweramp?

  1. Settings ❯ General
  2. Tap Operating mode (Audio source) item and choose "Poweramp".

How to hide the media control bar?

You can hide the media control bar of the screen by "Swipe Down" gesture.

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Does not work with Spotify.

Unfortunately, your device does not able to capture sound. It's device specific limitation and there is no known workaround.

  • This limitation also affects some other player apps;
    Spotify, Poweramp, Google Play Music (cloud media playback), Rocket Player Premium, PlayerPro + DSP pack, etc...

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Does not work on Samsung Galaxy phone.

Visualization does not work on some of the Samsung Galaxy series phones. It's device specific issue.

Recommended workaround: Please use Snoop mode with Poweramp.

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Stopped working after upgrading to Lollipop.

Step 1: Show hidden "Developer options" menu

  1. System Settings ❯ About phone
  2. Tap Build number item 7 times

Step 2: Disable "NuPlayer"

  1. System Settings ❯ Developer options
  2. Disable Use NuPlayer (experimental) option
  3. Reboot the device

Equalizer and audio effects are not working on main screen.

It's device specific issue. Please try the following workaround.

  1. Settings ❯ Misc.
  2. Enable Enforce global audio session option

Reverb effect does not work properly.

It's device specific issue. The reverb effect is not properly implemented on many devices. Unfortunately, there is no known workaround.

Scrobbling support?

Yes. Music Visualizer supports Scrobbling via official Last.fm app or Simple Last.fm Scrobbler app.

  1. Settings ❯ Misc. ❯ Scrobbling
  2. Enable Use Scrobbling option
  3. Install and setup scrobbler app. (either official Last.fm app or Simple Last.fm Scrobbler).

Tasker support?

Yes. Music Visualizer provides Tasker plugin. You can install it from Settings ❯ Misc. ❯ Tasker plugin for Music Visualizer.

I want to use normal wallpaper picture when not playing music.

Music Visualizer provides "Alternative Image" function.

  • Live Wallpaper Settings ❯ Alternative Image

Can I set alternative wallpaper picture without cropping?

  1. Live Wallpaper Settings ❯ Alternative Image
  2. Uncheck Enable horizontal scrolling option
  3. Choose portrait and landscape images

Wallpaper does not scroll even though the "Enable horizontal scrolling" option is enabled.

Your home app may not support the feature. Please try to use another home apps.

How to contribute to app translation?

  1. Visit the Localize web site.
  2. Press the "Create free account" button and create a Translator (Supporter) account.
  3. After login the service, you will see a list of many language names.
  4. Click the name of language which you can translate.
  5. Translate string resources.
  6. Press the "Save changes" button.